Steve Mulder – Throwback!


It says it all below!

“BMX flatland and Indiana go way back! Steve Mulder, Bill Nitschke, and Perry Mervar were the flatland shredders of the Hoosier state back in the mid 80s. The least known of the three was Steve. I’ve been friends with Steve for over 20 years, and as far back as I can remember he was always one of the best riders in the Midwest. He has continued to progress his riding to new levels this past year. Even though Steve hasn’t competed in several years, he’s one of the most respected riders on the planet! Super ropes and 360 bike flips are 2 of the hardest tricks ever done in BMX flatland, both of which he invented.

Back in June of 2011 Steve told me he had been riding alot and he we discussed the idea of a new web edit. Unfortunately my trip got postponed until the fall which is typically a cold and rainy time of year in Indiana. Luckily the weather was decent and we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. We’ve worked together in the past on some video stuff, usually just a few clips here and there. This time we wanted to do a little longer edit. Steve wanted to focus on boomerang and decade tricks from his past. Steve said he wanted to do some tricks that got him stocked on riding. Steve created a list and one by one he checked them off. We got off to a good start, and once we had a few moves in the can, we discussed a few more trick options, and the list grew. Some of these tricks were done for the first time ever, others were tricks he had only pulled a couple of times, while some of these tricks were done for the first time without any brakes. Some of these tricks don’t have anything to do with boomerangs or decades… That’s why they call it FREESTYLE! ha ha… We hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to Steve for taking the time out of his work schedule to put in over 25 hours of time in front of the camera. Special thanks to his wife Mary for watching the kids so Steve could film after work and on the weekends. Special thanks to Todd Carter for busting out his skills with the motion graphics. A very special thanks to Bill Nitschke and Shannon Zook over at Wonder Wheels BMX for giving me a place to crash! Also thanks to Bill for the shooting the final clip in the video. Ayyyyyy! Hoosier hospitality!”

28 thoughts on “Steve Mulder – Throwback!

  1. Just amazing! Without question in my opinion, Steve is one of the best riders of all time! His tricks stand the test of time. When he competed, I feel like he was ahead of the time, whilst everyone else did combos, he did one hit tricks, the judges didn’t know how to score that, whatever the case, this is just incredible, of course people will look at the super rope, and the 360 varial to switch b, but theres so much more, the macaroni to opposite decade, wow! Triple flail brakeless, on point! Thank you Steve and Kip for this!

  2. Steve’s absolutely unreal. I’m so stoked on this, guy is a big inspiration.

    Totally killer footage, Steve’s on point!

  3. Yes, these amazing tricks will stand the test of time. Simply amazing. This is FREEstyle! I love seeing old tricks get new life breathed into them.

  4. amazing video- great editing, the filming style reminds me of the dorkin /baco videos and the riding style stands alone in a style that is Steve’s alone. this deserves another watch for sure.

  5. What can you say? Mulder has been killing it since the 80’s. One of the most entertaining and exciting web edits I’ve watched in a long time. Steve rules.

  6. Inspiring! Congratulations to Steve and Kip for such a solid edit. Well done. @smoovebert, meet you under the BQE so we can practice our hang gliders?

  7. So cool to see this video. Steve rode here on south side of Indy before hitting the big time late ’80’s. I remember when the Hutch Trick team (Woody Itson) came to Indy to do a show and Steve, Perry and Bill were “schooling” the Hutch team. Steve doing multiple flail boomerangs, etc! No disrespect to Woody.

    I would like to always give props to the team that put the video together. Lots of different Indy scenes in this video. Not only lifting up flatland, but Indy too!

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