One Love Jam – January 18th

With the One Love jam fast approaching, heres the word from One Loves Darin Wright!

“12 days left before the 4th annual OneLoveJam2014! This is the first flat jam of the year and we are already expecting the largest turn out to date! We have also a new sponsor LoveBMX who will be handling the bunnyhop contest and now newly added long jump contest. I would highly recommend bring two bikes for this event and a beach chair.
I would like to thank all our sponsors who help OneLoveJam into it’s fourth year and more years to come.
Thanks Deco, Primo, S&M bikes, Intrikat, LoveBMX, Kink, West County Bmx, Profile, ODI, Bizhouse, DivirsionTV, SameThingDaily, and The Freestyle Connection.
We will see you on January 18th at Newport Beach!”

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