Tartiflat Jam – 16th & 17th September in Annecy France


This year again the Tartiflat Jam is coming back !
Rendez-vous on 16th and 17th September in Annecy (France) for an amazing week-end in between Flatlanders.

This contest is the occasion for us to share our vision and preserve BMX Flatland’s initial spirit. We guarantee : riding sessions without any pressure, no fucked-up runs due to stress, no risk to get snaked while warming-up…

On the planning : riding sessions among mates, tricks, challenges, reblochon tasting (the best French cheese!), tartiflette (the best cheese specialty!) and an enjoyable party on Saturday!

This year the Tartiflat Jam will not take place on the edge of Annecy Lake (as the ground begins to be damaged) but in Villard-sur-Thônes, on a perfectly tarred spot, close to the mountains. The party will take place just next to the playground, in an independent hall, where catering will be provided.

As the Tartiflat Association is organizing this jam upon its own resources, a contribution will be asked on site to ensure the good success of the event. Thank you for your comprehension and your participation in advance.

Looking forward to see you in Annecy ! Peace.

Tartiflat Association : Kevin Fessenmeyer, Thomas Deschenaux, Jean Gardelle, Etienne Giraud, Aurélien Simille et Jérémy Brosset

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