Tartiflat Jam 2 – June 2016

Tartiflat Jam 2, June 2016 from Etienne74 on Vimeo.

Picturesque Tartiflat Jam vibes from the South of France featuring Matti Rose, Quentin Pelorson, Kevin Jacob, Jeremy Brosset and many others jamming to the sounds of Jurassic 5. Enjoy this one!

2 thoughts on “Tartiflat Jam 2 – June 2016

  1. gotta be one of the best looking spots ever, super stoked to see Matti rose footage ( dude’s been one of my faves for years )

  2. All the best qualities of being a part of flatland are caught in this edit… I really miss being part of a scene whenever I see videos like this. =)

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