Team 430 BMX tour 1998

Mid school vibes in full flow in this “Team 430 BMX tour 1998” video from the BMX archives featuring the likes of Akira Okamura, Kotaro Tanaka, Hiroshi Uehara and many more. Really enjoyed this video on the japanese scene, well worth a watch.

8 thoughts on “Team 430 BMX tour 1998

  1. AGREED with you two -TIMES 7 !! Akira has ALWAYS ripped original / tech lines , was so AMMMMMPPED when I saw THIS yesterday , brought back TONS of memories ! LOVING videos from THIS era so much , Akira , Takashi , Uehara , Kotaro , etc ALL helped shape TODAYS tricks / variations / style and combos ! The Japanese bmx scene deserves TONS of recognition for this !

  2. Who is the rider on the chrome dyno slammer (at least I think that’s what it is)… his link at 27:45 is pure mid-school perfection…

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