Terry Adams – Kewlist Chic Podcast

Terry’s interview kicks in around the 8 minute mark….

“You can have a learning disability and still succeed, you can lose a family member and still succeed, you can have a medical issue and still succeed” Those are Terry Adam’s kewl words of wisdom. In this episode Maci Bookoout has an inspiring interview with Terry Adams, a native of New Orleans. At just 12 years old and with a learning disability and an absent father who managed to make a few collect calls from jail, and with a mother and step dad who supported his dream, he began his journey to become a Professional BMX athlete. In this interview Terry describes his passion for riding, how diligent and hard working he trained every day. He gives advice on how to succeed and he is a living testimony on how to find and follow your dreams. If you are sitting around feeling like a victim or giving excuses for why you’re not whom you’ve always wanted to be, or why you’re not where you thought you’d be, this is the interview you need to listen to.

Terry has won numerous awards ranging from 2 NORA cups, Ride BMX Magazine’s Number 1 Ride Award and more, all of these awards earning him the nickname “Ambasador of Flat land”. He has graced many national and international magazine covers and has a lot of amazing sponsors. There’s a lot to like about Terry, but we will leave you to make your own decision. Dreams do come true for those with passion and drive. Listen and learn!

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