Terry Adams Wal-Mart Tour with Flatware Waltz giveaway

Terry recently did a Wal-Mart tour in NJ and brought a few Flatware Waltz complete bikes as giveaways! There’s a great chance some of the lucky winners will start riding flatland! Great stuff Terry & Flatware! Here’s what TA had to say!

“We basically hit 4 walmarts in 2 days doing a demo at each stop. At each location I held a twitter contest and the winner was award my signature complete
“flatware waltz” bike at the end of each demo. It was so rad to bring a flatland show to a unique place like Wal-Mart & actually give back to BMX in a big way by giving away a legit complete bike at each stop. I have attached some dope photos from the tour encase you are able to post something on your sites/blogs that would be awesome.

Thanks to RedBull, My MC Scott O’brien, & Odyssey, Flatware, for helping make all of this possible… ”

Terry Adams

4 thoughts on “Terry Adams Wal-Mart Tour with Flatware Waltz giveaway

  1. Walmart and Flatland are two words I never want to hear in the same sentence.

    The only thing walmart is good for is inner tubes and bike pumps.

    I’m just trying to understand what walmart stands to gain from this?

    And why would you give out a bike to random people who have no intention of using it for flatland.?

    Yeah, sure there’s a potential that it might be used for flatland. But Let’s be real : flatland is way too difficult for simple minded people.
    For every 100 flatlanders that start riding. Atleast 90 of them quit within the first year.
    They make up excuses and start procrastinating. Telling themselves they will learn it on a “tommorow” that never comes.
    Hopefully it ends up on ebay and someone more deserving gets it.

    I’m suprised Howard wasn’t in the crowd trying to win one. 🙂

  2. I think it was more about promoting redbull sales than flatware and flatland.
    exposure is exposure regardless if its in good taste or not

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