TGM Spring jam Sunday 23rd May

Phil Dolan hit me up last week, to organise a get together/jam at the Green Mile, West Norwood, London on Sunday 23rd May. Everyones welcome. Good times, come down, get your roll on…

11 thoughts on “TGM Spring jam Sunday 23rd May

  1. Who's up fog it that normally wouldn't be at the mile? I know I haven't been there since level vibes, let's hope trains make it there that Sunday!!!

  2. I'll be sure to make it up for the jam having had my first ever session at the mile last week! I'll try and brings some brighton bods up with me. Chris

  3. Cool!!!I'll be there with my camera and dodgy ankle, so beware!!!
    Howie, hope trains ok, be good to see ya bro.
    TGM Baby!!!

  4. You to E, been a while, just realised have show that weekend in Portugal (ankle permitting) but should be back in time for the jam, Better be!!! Lol! gonna be another RAD day at the Mile.

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