The Cardboard Lords

“The Cardboard Lords were a breakdancing crew from York, PA in 1984-85.
After having a slow start in the local break dancing competitions, the crew set out to become the best breakers in the area, and by the end of their run in May of 1985, they were winning every break dance battle & competition they entered from York, Baltimore, Harrisburg, & Philly.
The Cardboard Lords were: Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Dale Mitzel, Jamie Mckulik, Barry Markle, Jake Sires, & Mark Wales. Most of the crew went back to their BMX riding roots & joined up with a local freestyle team called the Plywood Hoods. Special Note: In this clip the Cardboard Lords make it to the “GREAT YORK TALENT HUNT” finals, where they win and receive a VHS VCR as the grand prize. This VCR was later used to create the first Dorkin’ In York video.

The rest is history…”

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