The future of flatland article in new US Ride!!

Big ups to Fat Tony, consistently updating the us ride website and magazine with flatland content, look forward to seeing the “future of flatland article”.

5 thoughts on “The future of flatland article in new US Ride!!

  1. Yep there was Lee, things are definitely improving in certain areas. Fat i know works hard to get flatland in there!Much respect!

  2. there was a similar themed article in '98, either leo dumlao or nate hanson predicted the end of scuffing and a focus on all rolling and "momentum tricks". guess they got that one right

  3. Yep i remember that one, Chad degroot was interviewed also if its one im thinking of, this new article has opinions from Viki, Chad J, Pete B amongest others, be interesting to read!
    Its great fat keeps putting flatland in there, and also bit of thought and research into articles…

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