7 thoughts on “The rider formally known as Shintaro Misawa!

  1. That'll be me tongue tied next time I met Rayyan! Look forward to seeing what contest announcers do also!!! And of course the riding was awesome in this edit!

  2. I will live in Malaysia the future.
    Malaysia's official religion is Islam.
    Many riders too!!

    I changed to Islam name. I love it.
    Thanks for your understand.

  3. Amazing riding, Rayyan.

    I've been following your blog for a while, and remember when you first posted that you would be following Islam. Good to see that you've found much happiness on this new path in your life.

    Best of luck with this and learning the Arabic languages (it is unique and interesting, but quite fun), and may you continue finding happiness in all aspects of your life.

    — Prasheel

  4. Congrats rayyan! New religion, new motivation! I must admit this caught me off guard, out the norm you might say! But most defintely very interesting chapter in his life!
    Maybe good time for an interview?

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