4 thoughts on “Thiago & Adam Guild: Mixtape 2

  1. Really cool edit of one of the smooooothest rolling styles ripper , Thiago ……and mi amigo who literally put New Jersey on the bmx flatland map , with switch PEDAL stance elephant glides , MID-LINE in his lines ….as far back as early 1995 ! Thiago , his double footed rocket to dump truck to stick-B and his death truck lines were TOO effortless , SUPERB rolling skillz ……..and Guild , his forward side glide to switch hand steam , fire hydrant catch ……to cyclone , to accidental ghost ride …….to CATCH the bike , AFTER it rolled in a full circle ….THAT was RAD , TIMES 7 , I thought it was REHEARSED , haha . Chatting with him last week ……he informed me that it just happened , and he just went with it !!!! FREEEEESTYLE !! Guilds use of the light pole , busting foot plants to cross foot ankle death , to cherry-B over taker …..THAT ruled as well . SLLLLAAAAMMMMMED job , guys ! Eager to see part 3 in the future .

  2. Thanks Rodney!! This was a I can say without “commitment” edit, a chill edit, with mostly basic some back wheel tricks edit, brake – brakeless, was done with some lost & found footages via my cell phone and Adam files. Adam put it fast done…and the ghost Adam part very funny matching with sound…Thanks for watching!!!

    Thanks for share and post Effraim!!!

    And be safe all!

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