Thomas Noyer wins BMX Summer Camp Contest

Photo: Varo Hernandez.

What a busy weekend for flatland! Not only the Voodoo jam, but a ton of other events across the globe. Congratulations to Thomas Noyer taking the win at the BMX Summer Camp Contest. Big up all the Masters and Experts who killed it, this looks like it could be an annual event, props to Thomas and Paul Deziex for putting this one on!


1 Thomas Noyer
2 Jean Bulhon
3 Varo Hernandez
4 Kris Gauthier
5 Joakim Sontag
6 Romain Dodelier
7 Fred Page
8 Rémy Dunoyer
9 Seong Hoon lie
10 Maxime luchetti
11 Kevin Jacob
12 William Hervé

1-Santi Notario Sanchez
2-Pierre Alex Postel
3-Renaud Meloni
4-Gaoussou Issabre
5-Paul Deziex
6-Laurent Perrier

1-Iniago Arroyo Gutierrez
2-Maxime Cassagne
3-Duy-anh Pham
4-Esteve Gisbert
5-Jerome Bariguian
6-Sebastian Legrand
7-Rouchdi Aroua
8-Julien Djou Nien

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