Throwback Thursdays with Leo Claro

Following Leo Claro’s amazing “Third Floor” part this week, this weeks TBT is a no brainer. Let’s go back to 2009 and Leo’s mind melting “Pegless” part, the inside rolling variations to pedal steam turbines that begin from the 00:33 mark still blow my mind to this day. Timeless flatland!

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Leo Claro

  1. Dope then,still dope now…Leo is the best pegless flat rider and the most original by far.A couple of days before the third floor edit of Leo dropped i was thinking that pegless riding is useless,there is not enough room for progression since you can learn only few tricks.Just look at this last decade from 2009 until now…10 years later and the most pegless riders are doing only 10 tricks or a couple of more variations of them and for the most time its Paul Osicka’s tricks or tricks that other riders with pegs have done in the past already…Leo Claro is a light in this pegless darkness which for me leads to a dead end…

  2. I have a totally different opinion about pegless riding.
    Having 3 pegless/pedal combos with tricks i thought and i havent seen nobody else do them i think there is a lot of way for improvement.
    Keep in mind that my pegs were on the bike during those combos.
    I have to say that i love pedal style myself and i dont want to sacrifice some tricks that took me years to pull them by removing the pegs.
    There are many tricks that can and will be pulled with pegless riding but it will take years.
    One trick might take one year or more!
    Take example of George, first he was doing single tricks and now he can do complete super technical combos.Those tricks will take him years to pull them but i think the satisfaction is huge.
    A paul osicka trick is a paul osicka trick.
    A variation of it can be a different trick.
    A Kevin Jones trick is a Kevin trick.A variation is a different trick but still is a Kevin trick.
    Every different grab,twist,position is a different trick.
    Most belong to kevin but we still do them in a different way.
    As for pegless i would mostly love to see a video of Chad,George or Leo or even matthiue killing it than to see anything else now.Everything else in my eye look similar with exceptions of course.

    • Only a trained flatland eye can see the difference in ground tricks…when you do a backwards faced nose wheelie you know that is Paul Osicka trick…when you do a caboose on the pedals or backyard on the pedals you know that its based on Kevin Jones tricks,right??Brett Downs said it all with his comment,go and check…

  3. This is what i am saying. All tricks are variations of Kevin and others.Newschool tricks might be based on Kevin,chase etc But kevin rolled tricks that they were being done with hops before so even this is a different type of trick. As for the trained eye. A trained flatland eye can tell there is so big revolution on the pegless riding the last years and of course that flatland is much more technical than before.

  4. 1)First off all Leo kills it!!
    2)Giannis you are my biggest fan,love you man,thank you deeply for your compliments and adoration,but seriously ,please stop torturing yourself.You have accomplished enough,you can relax now.

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