12 thoughts on “Toño Marrache Bio

  1. Great to see Bobby back on the editing tip, really love these interview edits, with the narrative as well as the riding, so good! Thanks Bobby! Great to learn some more about Tono!!

  2. He’s definitely got the Matthias routine on lock… hopefully we’ll get to see him start progressing in his own direction soon because he clearly has a huge amount of style and talent.

  3. well I always saw tonio since he was a lil guy, so he started watching video about kimmo haakana and pokemon. He grew up on flatland when matthias came out too. He did one trick or switch and after that one video of matthias doing the same trick or switch, is not fair when you criticize someone just because the pro who upload videos and they all think they are first made or that te other copy.
    I hope tonio will go to europe to train there and everybody see how you learn very quickly. I hope williams too because williams always was training tonio.

  4. hi I’m tonio and I just ride hahaha I hope to do my own tricks or something similar hahaa … keep riding and enjoy flatland I think hahaha see ya guys!

  5. Don’t get the wrong idea here… I’m not criticizing him at all. As I said, he has a huge amount of style and talent. I think most guys start out being influenced by certain riders/styles when building their foundation, but the longer they grow and develop, the more they begin to create their own tricks and identity. I was just saying that I hope he keeps riding and that I’m looking forward to him reaching that point. That’s all.

  6. Nice work Bobby! I was fortunate to meet and ride with Toño for about an hour last week when he and the OneLoveBMX crew rolled through town. He seemed like a cool dude, but he did leave 17th spot rather melted!

    Was he basically saying that he didn’t get good until he started riding 4-6hrs a day? I’m trying to imagine me doing that… Do you all think that’s true? Maybe I should try riding for longer sessions. Well, not right now when it’s 90ºF. I’d turn to goo.

  7. Nice work bobby. Tonio is cool dude. Went out my way to ride and didn’t expect that :p see you again soon mang!!! RIDE HARD!!! NEW TRICKS!!!

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