Tyler Gilliard – Work in progress

Documenting your progression is where it’s at! Last week, Tyler learnt a new switch,as he rode he documented his progression, each video gets better, pushing that initial cross foot fire hydrant to halfpacker link in the third video, tight combo!! Great to see Tyler pushing hard!

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  1. To play devil’s advocate, I can understand filming progression for yourself, but I’ve never understood posting “progression” clips online of the road up to the links you actually want to do. (Granted I’ve done it, but my belief still stands)

    There’s so many great riders out these days that will post up tripod clips of whatever they learned that afternoon, why not just take that progression and put it into some well filmed video parts or something in that vain? It would do new tricks more justice. Maybe I’m just one of those annoying video-days nostalgic types who’s too stuck in the “Quality over quantity” mantra to expand.

    I also want to clarify my intention is not to derail what Tyler has done here since I thought that link was awesome. The end product was sick and I think he’s really coming along. I just find this whole “post up progression” clips movement interesting since its an anomaly only found in flatland.

    Just curious.

  2. well flatland is crazy hard and takes a lot of time to master just about any link so that being said. kinda cool to see a bad ass ! starting off like the rest of us.

    • To reply to Peter’s post, as I feel I partly contributed to this movement with 24 videos (so far) this year, I lost count how many Martti did, to back track, at the start of the year, before I was on Junglerider, I said to Martti lets document our progression this year, as we go warts and all, in attempt to push ourselves and inspire others, you learn a trick it might be sketchy bit it improves as you see it, and see what you did wrong, I don’t have regular access to a video camera, I have a friend who films, but he a lot of other work on (actually my new edit is out next week).
      This is flatland, we don’t have a film crew flying to get Martti’s latest tricks, recently a friend of mine Alex Coleborn dropped a banger edit for Monster, they flew out Will Stroud from NC to London to film for a week. We are so far removed from that. At the start of the year, I just wanted a project to take advantage of my indoor spot, push myself and I hoped inspire others, I know inspired a few, I’ll be first to admit, hey its not the best quality, its just filmed off the iphone. But the project has pushed me, and christ, if you take Martti’s videos out this year, wow, the art form would have a big piece of history in my opinion.
      To be clear I agree, quality video parts are awesome and of course have their place, but I think clips documenting your progression do to. Tyler’s documentation inspired me for sure.

  3. I think that people use their energy differently and feeds from different ways of sharing, i ride for some time and film a couple of ”new” tricks which im proud of, some times i wished someone just saw how hard i tried something. i understand the thought, in an other way, it shows that flatland is real and difficult, which sometimes motivates, that you or me are not alone, falling and standing up… Does Matthias ever fall? hahaha sure.

    And also its nice to see how Tyler masters the trick after hard work! Im saving my progression for competitions, to treat people in that way:) and then i’ll drop my **** online! 🙂

  4. I figured it was a worthwhile question since it’s the only part of BMX that feels so strongly about posting clips of the progression process itself. You don’t really see it on TheComeUp or Defgrip. Don’t get me wrong seeing a new clip of Martti or whomever gets me really pumped too, but at the same time, how sick would it be if he paired up with Julius Salo for 6 months to film a video part? His sections from the Intrikats gave me years of inspiration, even in the internet age that holds true. I think the guys currently filming their progression videos should keep doing what they’re doing if that pumps them up, it’s great in it’s own. It’s just an inquiry as to why it’s such a trend.

    We do have a number of well filmed, aesthetically pleasing and progressive video parts coming from the flatland community in these past couple months (ie. Moto’s video part, Charles Paty, sevisual and a number of others) which are really really great. No need for film crews or money.

    • Thats true Pete, i was just using that as small example! Moto’s part was really well filmed. Flatlands all about progression, I can only really speak about myself, but the process has helped me a lot, I don’t really need to see if the rest of BMX is doing it or not, thats whats great about flatland, everyone does their thing. I agree with you, if Martti held back all his clips and just did one banger part, then of course it would be amazing, but I think the continual progressive videos pushed his level and helped him also.
      I want really aware it was trend to be honest, but good to know what we are doing is inspiring someone, progression is not a negative at all.

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