Ucchie wins G Shock Contest! Terry Adams wins Trans jam!

Two big contests this weekend, one in Tokyo of course, many of you will have seen the DeepBMX edits this week, and also the Trans jam series in Greenville, USA. Thanks to Hiroshi at 430, and Dani King at Transjam for the results. Congrats to Ucchie and Terry for winning their respective contests….

Photo credit: Yohei Uchino.

G Shock Real Toughness.

1- Yohei Uchino
2- Dominik Nekolny
3-Tsutomu Kitayama
4- Shinichi Kiba

Photo credit: Terry Adams.

Trans jam Pro.

1-Terry Adams
2-Andrew Cooper
3-Raul Isaias Figueroa Salinas
4-Dane Beardsley
5-Issiah Jordan
6-Michael Moore
7-Keith King

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