Underrated: Yoshiki "Hotoke" Uchino

Last week I wrote on this blog that Hotoke is underrated, ive been been watching this edit below a fair bit lately and thought id stick it up, insane ease of which he pivots from two footed hang 5 to xft crackpacker flip to steam, buttery, one of my favourite riders for sure, much respect.

Enjoy the vid, from 143 onwards..

4 thoughts on “Underrated: Yoshiki "Hotoke" Uchino

  1. i remember mentioning this guy to Dave over a year ago or so, now he’s pulling stuff like i’ve never seen before gotta say he is one of my favorite riders to watch i’ve just watched this 3 times gets better and better,cheers .

  2. Definitely my favorite rider to watch… any idea who he’s riding for now? Mostly I want to find out if he’s ever going to be in any more DVDs coming out of Japan now that he’s not part of the Ares DVD Magazines…

  3. When i saw him at the KOG finals, he said he just brought a suelo, and was riding og bars, he said left ares because of no travel budget, so he might as well just by a frame, he seems to be very underrated especially in japan, possibly politics due to him leaving ares, i dont know. But for sure, hes so overlooked, baffles me.

  4. Thanks for the info. That’s really too bad since it means we probably won’t be seeing much more of him now other than in random footage from KOG events. If you’re ever in Japan again, maybe you could film some of his rumored new stuff and put together a web edit for the rest of us… 😉

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