Vienna Jam Coming Home – 7th October

Sebastian Grubinger got in contact with news of the Vienna Jam Coming Home on the 7th October, get there if you can always looks like a good time! Read on for more details from the man himself:

“Doing a Jam again. This year smaller cause they cancelled the exhibition where we did it last year.

No Wiener Fahrradschau this year and construction works finished on heldenplatz… VIENNA JAM is coming home !!! After last year’s amazing experience at the first Wiener Fahrradschau this year’s Vienna Jam is going down on its usual spot, the Heldenplatz. Come and enjoy a good day riding and hanging out with some small challenges to win goodies from our sponsors. Thanks to @heresybmx , @vans Store Wien & @authentic.san , @visitor_co , @fourpegsbmx , @preddy_tendergrass and @sevisual for the support!”

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