Viki Gomez interview in the works!


I am working on a big interview with Viki Gomez right now, which is already epic by the way! I started the interview before the Red Bull Circle of Balance, if you have a question for the three times COB champion, post your question in the comments section, and I will pick out the best questions for the remainder of the interview. Fire away!

I’ll give this a few days before I hit Viki back up with the final part to the interview….

13 thoughts on “Viki Gomez interview in the works!

  1. How long are you planning to ride flatland? (personal riding, not competition nor progressing, just riding)

    Navid: hang5 till i die! ”If i can not balance my mind, i can not balance my life”

  2. 1) Do you think much about the future? What are you going to do for a living when flatland won´t pay you moneywise? Any plans like Terry Adams to invest in houses and live from the rent, etc.? It´s cool to live the BMX dream, but what comes after that?

    2) Why did you move to Luxembourg? Girlfriend? Do you have any plans to go back to Spain? Do you ride alone in Luxembourg? Do you have an indoor spot? You know the winter can be harder there than in Malaga.

  3. 1.) How much money do you make per year? What year did you make the most? What year did you make the least?

    2.) How much footage do you have recorded of yourself since you began riding?
    Such as filming on purpose for video parts or for a web edit on the internet. This doesn’t include others filming you without you knowing at contests and putting it in their videos. Only videos and web edits that you intended to make. Do you still have all the video’s and web edits of the tricks you’ve documented? Also, what are all the video’s you have been in and how many web edits have you done?
    Do you ever plan to put all this footage on a website or DVD so you can have basically the history of your life and tricks all in one. So you can watch it when you are in your 80’s.

    3.) Were there any tricks that you ever gave up trying to learn? What were they?

    4.) What trick do you wish you had invented?

    5.) If you had never started riding flatland what would you be doing?

  4. When you picture links/tricks in your head, is it from a side point of view like your watching a video, or over top of your bike like what you would see while your actually riding?

  5. 1) do you ”practice”, or do you just ride ? i mean is there any precise riding pattern that you stick to to maintain this high level, or do you just freestyle without planning anything ?

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