Viki Gomez qualifies first at Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams

What a weekend for events! Qualifying went down yesterday at the Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams event in Trinidad & Tobago with Viki Gomez taking the top spot going into todays final.

Viki had this to say about yesterdays runs: “So happy about my riding today at the Trevlon Hall exams in Trinidad! Pulled 6 combos in total in the 2 runs x 2 mins that count together! 2 kick flips, 360 bar spin steam roller, front wheel pivots, back wheel new combos, Freestyle combo from back wheel to front wheel to back wheel roll decade.. Pulling new tricks thats what the sport is about! Tomorrow more!”

Kestrel Roopnarine took the top spot in the AM class.

Finals today, 43K prize money! Good luck to all the finalists!

1st Viki Gomez
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Terry Adams
4th Yohei Uchino
5th Jean William Prevost
6th Dominik Nekolny
7th Alberto Moya
8th Kevin Nikulski
9th Jason Plourde
10th Adam Kun
11th Tyler Gilliard
12th Williams Perez
13th Diego Tejada
14th Keegan Alves
15th Miguel Pargas
16th Raul Figueroa
17th Sebastian Palencia

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