Viki Gomez signs up with Ares Bykes

Photo: Fat Tony.

Viki Gomez just signed up with Ares Bykes, and confirmed he will have a signature frame and bar coming out shortly.Many of you will already know the news if you are paying attention to Viki Gomez’s bike. For the past month or so, Viki has been riding an Ares frame and now the news is official. Congratulations Viki!

2 thoughts on “Viki Gomez signs up with Ares Bykes

  1. i think he’s not making enough money doing his own project with martti. i think with ares, besides getting parts, he’ll get some sponsorship money to help feed his family. i think that is the only reason these rider owned companies flop. there is so much we can do in the community, but this is quite an underground sport despite the exposure. keep getting them checks viki. can’t wait for your sig frames and bars to drop!

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