Whip it with Matthias Dandois

Rad dads like a conveyor belt with edits lately, i think this is the best one yet tho..

Whip it with Matthias Dandois from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Whip it with Matthias Dandois

  1. Yeah I have put out a new video every day I think this week. Mostly because of the amount of events that I am trying to keep up with. North Padre Island Jam and this weekend is The French Connection. Then in 2 weeks JoMoPro, There is no time to rest! I spent the most time putting this one together and had the most fun watching Matthias ride in person.

  2. Mark,

    Your filming and editing skills have progressed a lot. With each video you create, I enjoy it more and more than the previous ones.

    Looking forward to your future edits, as well as seeing and riding with you at Jomopro!


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