Who won the BMX Masters?

Matthias Dandois at BMX Masters 2011 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

Moto Sasaki at BMX Masters 2011 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

Dominik Nekolny at BMX Masters 2011 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

Martin at Global flat, just uploaded three of the final runs, very close contest between these three riders, take into account this is a 3 minute run… Still no results…..

25 thoughts on “Who won the BMX Masters?

  1. I think, Moto 3rd cause so many touches..

    But really close between Matthias and Dominik. I will say Matthias cause the croud was so much enthusiast for his performance šŸ™‚

  2. Nicolas for god sake you cant base judging on how much a crowd reacts this isnt some dumb reality tv program its an official competition .

  3. Calm down guys this isn’t Global Flat , Lionel live online voting is not a bad idea in theory ha ha saves on all the aggro and temper tantrums when riders don’t get their own way.

  4. domonik was all front wheel matthais did back and front close call….. i think they are both amazing for all sort s of reasons props to you both phil p.s moto u fuckin rock

  5. awesome riders for sho. congrats for all of you. rankings differ time to time what matters is what kinda rider they are so they deserve respects from others i guess.

    and eff so you were that drunk at phil’s party šŸ˜€

  6. Moto pulled a new trick and was the most original! Matthias did his job as usual! Dominik still did couple of Martti/Viki Signature tricks.Need to stop that and come up with new stuff So at the end I won! hehehe

    • I hear what your saying Viki, but the problem is, none of these riders know what they are being judged on exactly, and certainly not enough time in advance to prepare for the contest. I know one thing for certain, winning the masters matters! This contest carries more weight than any other on the contest calendar, its rich in the tradition of bmx, its maintained the 3 min run format. It has credibility.
      In terms of the runs, the first 2 mins of Dominiks is pretty epic, I don’t see anyone doing xfoot opposite jugglers out of combos for example, there are different degrees of originality also. As the majority of tricks nowadays are a “variation” of what has already been done. I believe in the modern day, it has become, did you pull hard shit, yes or no.
      Events such as the Rebel jam I just posted, which actually breaks down the contest into three separate contests is very interesting, “hard trick”, “style”, “creativity”. The structure is there, the rest of contest judging needs to follow suit, riders should know what they are being judged on, its silly really when you think about it.
      You go to a contest, and you have no idea what you are judged on?

  7. Rebel the Rebel jam! !

    ^As Effraim has importantly highlighted, breaking it down into those separate components, will make for a very intresting and revealing contest for the (a) “contest” rider? (hopefully!).

    A break away from gimping crowd pleasing safety runs is needed more than ever for flatbmx, for it to go through adversity beyond it’s cu-de-sac current state.

  8. Let me clarify my point that there are different degrees of originality, take the example Viki I think is getting at, the xft hitch body varial out opposite xft hitch that martti did, right…. although Dom pulled out clean there. Lets say the next contest he does it and comes out to steam (like he does), I haven’t seen anyone else do that, so he has put his own twist on it. And should be rewarded for that. There should be a system in place that looks at the small details that are the difference between third and first place at the most important contest of the year!
    If judges are looking for variety, they should be told that in advance. We need to grow up, otherwise these bickerings just continue, and continue, and it takes away from the hardwork the organisers put into the event.

    • No need to thank me Dominik, part of the problem with flatland in general through my 29 years experience, is that is becomes to personal. There needs to be objective system in place, we can take simple steps to make the sport/artform become more professional.

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