www.newbreeders.com goes live!

Flatland heads take note of this!!! Michel Verberg of Flatground fame has been busy!
Here’s the press release!

It has been in the works for quite some time now, but last week, we officially kicked off Newbreeders.com. Without further a due, we introduce you to your local sports finder extraordinaire: Newbreeders.com! So here you have it: the ABC of New Breeders.

What is New Breeders?
New Breeders is a location based web service for the action sports community. Come again?
Ok. New Breeders is a website that will help you find spots and connect with friends.
How does it work?
After you have created your profile, you can start adding your favourite spots. 
In google maps, little pins pop up for every spot created. Add the spot where you and your friends hang out, the local shop, cool events and, of course dont forget about the bar and the club! Once you have added your favourite spots, you can even show off what great stuff you or your friends have done there by adding photos and videos!
When will you need New Breeders?
Have you ever gone on a trip and visited a strange place of which you are sure it must be filled with great spots and locals, but you dont have a clue where they are? This is one place where New Breeders will come in handy. The same goes for your own city: there are still so many spots to be discovered! Filter the spots on sports, discipline, proximity and regency.
Where is New Breeders?
This is the best part: New Breeders is worldwide! Everyone can create a profile and everyone can add their own favourite spots. This way, you freely exchange the knowledge that you add to New Breeders about your own spots with the knowledge of the places you want to travel. Easy as that!
So what are you waiting for?
Get yourself signed up to Newbreeders.com, start adding your local spots, hook some photos to them, get connected with your friends, discover your own city and plan your next trip. Before you know, you will be hanging out with the locals on the other side of the world!…
Go to www.newbreeders.com.

3 thoughts on “www.newbreeders.com goes live!

  1. nice one jay, is similar to one on global, slightly more advanced, i think this is one of those projects that only works if people get involved, with that said, i do need to get round to joining up and adding riding spots myself…

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