X Games & Dew Tour directors answer the Questions: What About Dirt Jumping & Flatland?

Great article by Fat Tony today on the Transworld site, asking the directors of X Games & Dew Tour what’s going on with flatland & dirt, always good to put organisers on the spot, if nothing else this at least highlights that people do care about flatland not being in these big mainstream events!


4 thoughts on “X Games & Dew Tour directors answer the Questions: What About Dirt Jumping & Flatland?

  1. Rider’s care about Flatland and Dirt…they always have..goig to events like Jomopro where both park and flatland are present they love for flatland from other bmx riders is highly visible, they know alot of the big names too like Matthias and even Adam. It seems like its all about money and that *death/injury factor* reels it in..hence Big Air…I feel like they’ve become pawns for the big exec’s…it sucks. And I do agree with many comments that the automotive, motocross events have ditracted away from what is actually extreme sport. The rallying and motocross racing need to be seperate events but freestyle motocross can stay…although all they do is do bmx tricks with a motor..

  2. I’m glad that Fat was able to ask these questions directly to executives at each of these events. Sheds some light on all the speculation going on in conversations since 2004.

    • Too true Bobby! In the end this about money, would having flatland attract and also keep enough people viewing the tv, it is a tv show after all, this is what is paying the prize money.
      If dirt isnt included, its going to be hard to get flatland back in there.

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