X Games San Francisco 2000!

Great coverage from the 2000 X Games in SF, Nor cal! Again Martti Kuoppa dominated, another X Games gold! Theres a good mix of footage/interviews from some of the finalists in this one!

6 thoughts on “X Games San Francisco 2000!

  1. Great times ,strange to think three of these riders quit since 2000 Penonzek,Farris and Kuoppa and they were the best riders there.

    • I see what your saying Howard, 12 years is a long time to be at the top. I competed at this X games, remember chatting to Faris about his preparations and he was beginning to get burnt out at this point. There was a time where he rode everyday of the year, getting ready for contest scene. He would tick it off his calendar. I think it takes a lot out of you competing at the very top level, all the travel, trying to be dialled, trying progress, it is tough to sustain at all, let alone 12 years. I think Martti stood at the top for the longest I can recall. Contributing ground breaking parts and being virtually unbeatable at some points of his career. Interesting discussion.

  2. Yeah i hear what you saying E , you have to progress at that level and sustaining it is a job in itself , props to those guys 🙂

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