Yu Katagiri – 5th year

Five years into riding flatland, Yu Katagiri already possesses god like skills on the back wheel. Just go and watch this edit right now, jaw dropping good! 12 years old and pro level techniques, this year he took the Am title at Voodoo and Flatark. You will see why!

6 thoughts on “Yu Katagiri – 5th year

  1. Unreal Talent. He must have Great Teachers!!!! Some time in the future the rest of the World will totally be unable to compete with the Japanese in Flatland!!!

  2. This is a must watch!! I love the edit throughout. I actually didn’t think the combos could get any better, then they ender
    Absolutely love your style. You are pro….

  3. Geez!!! This kid could win pro class with these runs!!!!

    That pedal time machine to bike flip–I’ve never even seen any pros do that. This is mental!

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