Yu Shoji on KGB


Bit slow posting this news, young ripper Yu Shoji out of Matsudo-shi, Japan just got hooked up with KGB. As far as I’m aware the first addition to the team since Viki and Martti started the company again, congratulations Yu Shoji! Look forward to much more in the future from this exciting prospect from Japan!

One thought on “Yu Shoji on KGB

  1. Speaking of K.G.B bikes , congrats Yu ! Met this dude at Voodoo Jam and he freakin SHREDS !!!!!! AMAZING to be THAT skilled at such a young age ! When he nailed that DOUBLE decade in the finals I thought the whole club building was gonna COLLAPSE , EVERYONE , riders , judges, spectators , etc went bonkers , especially considering he nailed the DOUBLE to END a combo !!!!!!!!! Really cool dude also !!!! Martti and Viki made a great choice adding him !

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