Yuya Jam – Story of the first episode begins

Young shredder Yuya Shiga hosted his own jam, introducing himself and the riders to the spot and threw down a small contest that Bekko won! So much to love about this jam edit, ton of originality, grassroots, DIY, realism (love the crashes and touches being shown), at 13:43 long this is pretty long but held my attention so I’ll pick out some of the highlights! Much respect to Yaya Shiga holding this jam, this speaks volumes about the japanese scene to me!

*Harutada Shimoyama: Whiplash to hitchhiker x hand whip to x hand hang nothing at 3:41.
*The amazing riding of Shinichiro Hara from 4:10 including a sweet backwards facing g-turn to double backwards decade attempt around the 4:25 mark ( like I said the realism is great in this, you can see what the riders are working on).
*Tomoaki “Bekko” Yoshimura: Backwards xfted two footed pedal ice cream crossing over from one side to the other around the 5:01 mark.
* Junpai Goto: I recall raving about this guys riding before: Look out for the amazing technique on halfpacker turbines this guy has at 6:45!
*Hidenori Ishizaki, amazing bike control on two footed backwards wheelie at 8:24, and the backwards facing two footed backyard pull out opposite rope-a-roni to Degroot ride out at 9:00 is incredible!

7 thoughts on “Yuya Jam – Story of the first episode begins

  1. Amazing jam, Love the way they laugh at one another as well as encourage each other to do their trick. Good vibes 🙂

  2. This to me had a 80’s style jam session vibe. Bring your new tricks and show them to your friends. The originality and variety was so refreshing. I think the scene in Japan is alive and kicking not only because of the kids but because riders think outside the box and want to be individuals. That double backwards was close !!!!

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