Autum Bikes – A week in Berlin

A WEEK IN BERLIN__________ from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Charles Paty, and Thomas Deschenaux spent the week last summer at the home of Autum Bikes, Berlin, Germany. Hit play and enjoy the german hip hop vibes along with Matti Rose, Kevin Nikulski, and street riders Maggi and Freddy add their street nibbles to the mix, that marble spot in Berlin looks so good.

One thought on “Autum Bikes – A week in Berlin

  1. Been thinking about “The Spot” in Redondo beach, lately, and this is probably due in large part to some recent edits, old and new, that have popped up on line, recently. And, as I reflect on what it was I found so appealing about that particular place and time, a theme seems to emerge. People riding at the spot were doing what they enjoyed on their bikes, and not preparing for contests, training for career advancement or trying to generate press. In other words, their was a level of sincerity the spot represented, at least to me, that was about the intense joy that could come from riding your bike.This video captures that vibe, for me. Loved every second of it!

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