Battle in the Rockies Day 4

After arriving into nice weather in Denver, Colorado on Monday. We have a few days of bad weather and been unable to ride James’ flatland slab riding spot at his house, pretty teasing when you can see it as you chill in the house, to say the least. Yesterday, we woke up to sunshine and after updating the site filmed a quick how to with the help of Mates Tucek. The how to is now up for you to view.

James went to Denver International to pick Mr JAAAAA himself, Bill Nitschke. Always a treat to hang out with Bill, who already had his bike set up when he arrived back at the house.
The weather got into the 50’s today which is good enough for me, I was pretty excited to have a session once again at this awesome spot. We washed the floor a few times as it seemed pretty dusty, Colorado is so dry his riding spot gets dusty pretty quickly. Once I started riding, James was pushing me to get some clips and after struggling with shadows initially everything started to flow better once changed direction. It felt pretty strange riding outside with the snow surrounding us, and it wasn’t cold.

If you don’t already know, Mates Tucek is a beast and came out for a session, and worked on his incredible xft half packer pivots whilst I was practising some Cowboy flip lines. James joined the session and came super close to a new back wheel line I had suggested just the day before, the wind started to pick up and the temperature dropped. Tomorrow the forecast looks even better and today it was awesome to get a good session in outside, can’t wait for tomorrow already.

After dinner, we headed back to the Tintadome and met up with the London Bikes crew, Will Redd and Nikola Olic. We also had another rider out of Michigan, Lance Lyons who had a custom made Ti frame from Mike Laird (see photo below).

The session went off last night with Will, Nikola, Mates and James all ripping and hitting new stuff. Will hit a quad Death truck turbine where he kicks the tyre in a trolley position on each turbine, check the FM instagram if you haven’t already. Nikola has a really unique bag of tricks and did this really nice no handed five with his leg contorted in like a nac nac style, see the photo below and see what I am talking about. Mates and James both killed it too, lacing new stuff. Good vibes in the Tintadome. James even made me some FM banners and stickers, proper cool! Yesterday was a good day, the sun is shining today and we are riding the slab.

6 thoughts on “Battle in the Rockies Day 4

  1. Thanks for the update Effraim. I’ll be rolling in around 8 this evening. I’m thinking I will show up doing Vander rolls across James’ slab and maybe throw down some Tennessee Twist action to test out the famous slab. Looking forward to an amazing weekend. Cheers!

    • It’s gone, we have had two days of sunshine thankfully! That is odd, although it is 7000 ft above sea level here so might explain a little bit.

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