Bill Freeman: ‘posse up’ raw clips

Benjamin Querubin just uploading some raw clips from the Posse Top video with Bill Freeman, the skatepark and parking lot footage looks familiar from my time in California. West Hollywood maybe? Either way, it’s rad to see some Bill Freeman footage, it’s been a minute….

6 thoughts on “Bill Freeman: ‘posse up’ raw clips

  1. Wild , haha……I juuuuuuust was combing the net the other week looking for videos of him , Yoshishiro Shinde , and Jeremy Hrabl ! Im all for watching / being STOKED on rolling stylz……so THIS makes my morning before work . Bills lil g-turn , single kick squeaker to backwards hang nothing , super smooooooooth messiah rolls , hang five to whiplash lines , one footed manuals , and his line with the cliffhanger mixed in ……these ALL ruled , TIMES 7 ! I remember the POSSE UP online contest ! Wasn’t it a Shayne Kajanoori / Darin Wright project from 2010 ??! It was a dope thing and I think some San Francisco riders threw down some cool entry videos , all with a lot of riders from everywhere . Again , loving the rolling lines , Freeman has these type lines so perfect , mixing them up with skate park obstacles makes them even BETTER .

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