Chase Gouin Recovery Fund gathers pace!


Plenty of jams to raise money for Chase Gouin, who is seriously ill, Adam DiClaaudio kindly went to the trouble of setting up this account that goes straight through to Chase, you don’t need a paypal account, so if you are like me, and hate using paypal you can donate straight from your credit card. Great stuff!!!

If you do use paypal you can send your donation to:

3 thoughts on “Chase Gouin Recovery Fund gathers pace!

  1. A massive and sincere thank you to all the flatlanders all over the world stepping up to the plate to show support! Chase has been deeply touched by the outpouring of support and encouragement.

  2. According to what i heard from Jason Forde@Edwardes Cycles around June-July 2011, Chase contracted some kind of throat/bowl cancer from the flat where he was living. He was breathing in damp conditions for god knows how long, so im guessing over time it affected him. Why the f**k his sponsors can’t sort him out something with his signature products ill never know. Rant over for now. Get well soon CG.

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