Doses 7 by Adam Guild

DOSES 7 from Marley on Vimeo.

Adam Guild is on the ball with updates, and this is a big one! Let’s call this one a Christmas treat for us all, Doses 7 is here and features a stacked lineup of riders from across the globe including: Louis Orth, Bobby Carter, Cherechukwu Udenkwere, Adam Guild, Lindsey La Arkea, Anthony Schneidewind, Marty Clark, Jose Polanco, Wilmi Sanchez, Alexis Guzman, Duinaby Marte, Audi Garcia, Juan Carlos Moronta, Rosey Taylor, Fernando Novak, Rodney Williams, Luis Palmas, Chris Saldivaa, Brandon Hopkins, Adrian Sanchez, Indy Armstrong, Jay Marley, Buddy Wingren, Thiago BB, and Bobby Burge.

At over an hour long, sit down and enjoy this one with a beverage of choice.

10 thoughts on “Doses 7 by Adam Guild

  1. Maybe I will name my self edits Dose. ha.. Big thanks to all the rad riders in this and especially Jay for hosting it up..Thanks E for posting this.

  2. Thanks for posting, thanks Adam for the invitation, it has been a true pleasure putting our part together for the video! Ride on!

  3. Thanks TONS , LEGEND Guild for the invitation , Jay for posting , Big-E for posting , EVERY rider ripping their styles in this , and representing DOSES to the fullest extent ! Adam , you REALLY came through for me , coaching me how to get you my / all my friends footage , cause my dumb ass couldn’t figure out how to use Google Drive , haha. Rad of you taking the time to walk me through it , while editing the video at the same time , campeon ! Im ALWAYS down to film / support the DOSES bmx cause , bruv ! Every installment just gets better and better every year . Again , EVERYONE totally SLLLLLAAAAMMMED their combos in this . Thanks again Adam / all involved in this . The fact that the video is over an hour ……just make it that much sweeter to me . Also amped I got my two M.O.C. tricks in there as well !

  4. Great times for the San Antonio Texas BMX scene ! Chris Saldivar , Luis Palmas , myself , Adrian Sanchez and THE Bobby TO THE Burge …..all of us in a TEXAS section for this film , starting @ 38 .47 MIUTES ! CHEERS , campeons , and to EVERY rider represented in this video . THANKS , TIMES 7 …Adam Guild / DOSES BMX media !!

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