Episode 18: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Omari Cato

Accidentally deleted Omari’s clip having trouble with uploading episode 19. Apolgises to Omari, clip is back up now…

The response to posting Flatmattersonline exclusives twice a week has been absolutely amazing! Thank you all so much for keeping this going during this difficult time for all of us… As we approach 20 episodes, without missing a beat so far, Omari Cato came through with episode 18!

I have no idea what’s going on with these back wheel riders grabbing the tyre, but I like it, and Omari drops something really fresh here!

Thank you Omari for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip?

2 thoughts on “Episode 18: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Omari Cato

  1. Crazy how far you’ve come in the short amount of time that you’ve been riding flatland , Omari ! Seems like it wasn’t that long ago at all , Rad Dad , Hector Garcia were raving about a young cat whose only been riding for only a YEAR and A HALF that was progressing QUUUUIIICK , had great STYLE , and who was also about to jump into the CONTEST scene !! Fast forward to summer 2013 , mi amigo …Diego Tejada was like …..duuuuuuude , have you seen Omari , his NEW stuff ??! Hes cruising here , to San Antonio , this weekend . Were meeting up @ the Frank Tejada / Division Street park to session . Better believe I got my ass there that Sunday…….and damn …..Diego was SPOT ON ….you RIPPED so MUCH of your NEW style and combos with ease , total back wheel flow , executed with grace , fluidity ! Since then every time Ive seen you ….youre ALWAYS progressing . It really bugged me out seeing ya battle online @ the F.I.S.E. Denver stop , the C.F.O. event , and your run @ the last Flatland Voodoo Jam . Its really a head trip for me , again seeing your LEVEL in flatland , THEN……..lining that up with the SMALL amount of years that you’ve been riding your bike !! Ive been riding bmx since when Sony WALKMANS were THE thing , haha. Ya know what…..your stuff , like THIS line / exclusive is SO far beyond my own level …….it would be like throwing a golf ball into a glass…………@ about 100 YARDS away , haha……AND youre ALSO a friggin TEACHER and a PRO VELODROME FIXED GEAR cyclist !!! That’s a lot of plates spinning on sticks , Mr. Cato !! Its been dope seeing you come up to the SUPERB pro flatlander that you are , Omari …….MAD RESPECT ! LOVING this TIRE grab time machine / rope spin- pivot , drop to cross ice cream turbines , pulled BACK UP , repeated !! SLLAAAAMMMMED combo , bruva !!

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