Episode 37: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Cory Stratychuk


What’s up everyone?
It’s that time of the week, these episodes are moving along so quickly. And like I have said before I am really stoked on how these episodes are taking shape, I dropped episode 36 last Sunday with myself.
And episode 37 features my ex-ronin team mate, Cory Stratychuk!
You know I had to wear a ronin tee for this one, Ronin represent! Cory in my opinion, is one of the smoothest riders to ever do it in the flatland game.
Cory has brought a lot to flatland, off the top of my head, the scuffing smith decade, nose wheelie full bar out, cliff-hanger kick flips consistently in contests to name a few.
He is also battling a spinal chord injury, and doesn’t get to ride anywhere near as much as he would like. Cory has flatland in his blood and rides when he can manage the pain.
As you will see from this clip, Cory still has it… opposite backwards spinning fork wheelie to spinning hitch coming from opposite side to regular side out, smooth as glass and with so much style.
Really stoked Cory could contribute to the exclusives, whose got episode 38?

Flat Snitches episode 5 drops Sunday 5pm GMT.

10 thoughts on “Episode 37: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Cory Stratychuk

  1. STOKED , seeing Cory get in on these exclusives ! Cool guy , met him @ the 2001 Grand Prarie , X- Trials in Dallas Texas . To this day I STILL love the huge link he busted in the 5 COMBOS video , riding to ….I think , the punk band Face To Face . The line IS sweet , and STYLISH as Big -E stated ! Mad respect to Cory pushing through his injury , STILL banging out his jams on his bike . I ll never forget the FIRST time seeing him on Canadians Eh ? I think it was part 2 ? That SLLLAAAAAAMMMED PEDAL five -bar flip , landing to a side packer , boomerang , while STILL rolling , to a BACKWARDS kick to rolling wheelchair !! Jerry Reyes , a legend flatlander from here in San Antonio and I just gave each other a STUNNED look , jaws on the floor , haha…..we had juuuuuust saw a photo of Strat in a Bmx Plus magazine two weeks prior , him riding @ the 1997 X-Games , Chrome Dyno Slammer frame , Beige bucket hat ! As E said ……Cory has done quite his share of N.B.D.s , his backwards rolling switch hand steam , bar flip to forward tea kettle , ALL rolling …..that and his NO handed SPINNING hitchhiker instantly spring to my mind . I would pay good money to have seen that Ronin bike company D.V.D. , that was gonna drop ! From Effraim , your section bruv , to Cory ,Steve Fong , STOKED you commented Steve , hope youre STILL riding , your section in Paved Paradise was TOO good ……to what Terry Adams had told me he was gonna drop combo wise , to the ENTIRE roster of riders ! THAT team D.V.D. was promised to be beyond EPIC !! Shane Neville was such a busy guy , I know he just got swamped with his career / business , thats all ……..I remember when E.S.P.N. had their Global X-Trials here in San Antonio , May of 2003 in the Alamo Dome …….I heard that Neville was recruited to do camera / editing work for it , flying in from Canada ! That was @ the same time that the Ronin Team D.V.D. was gonna drop , crazy…….sorry about this long rant , haha……..Im just excited to see Strat busting out on his bike and that alone sparked a TON of memories , RAD ones………………….

    • Thanks Rodney. I dont ride anymore, too many injuries. I still follow the scene though. I wish people could see what went down at the old Indy track and Coquitlam Center lot. The stuff I’ve seen done was insane. Cory and I would stay up late at night and play crap loads of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and come up with new stuff.

      The whole Ronin team was amazing and love those guys. There was supposed to be a follow up video that never got done. It would ve had the rest of the new guys like Sommer (one of the smoothest) and Terry. Obviously all those guys blew up and Im so happy to see it.

      E you rock, you really are such a great representation of the Scene.

      • Thank you for all your kind words.
        Re: what Rodney said. I believe that was Jason Brown at the 1997 X-Games wearing the beige bucket hat.
        And Steve is exactly right. You are the greatest representation this sport has had.

        • Steve and Cory.

          Still bummed that Ronin video never came out, that was a great time for progression for me and would love to have the documentation of the stuff I did for that and would be great to have a record of the whole team. I often tell people when asked, Ronin was one of the most memorable sponsors I had.

          Thanks for the kind words on running the site, and Rodney for always being so positive. Its really needed in the flatland scene.

  2. C A N A D A , TIMES 7……would love if THIS cat would get the next exclusive video clip when he feels up to riding. When it comes to FLAT……..STRAT hits like a BAT… and his smooth style is where it’s AT . Reppin dat Maple LEAF , parking lot CHIEF , kick flip cliffhangers in 2002……had the sport in disBELIEF …….

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