Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam: Coast Cycles

Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam – Coast Cycles from Maxime Cassagne on Vimeo.

It’s good day for content today, the Toulouse jam went down two weeks ago. This edit is slammed with great riding and styles and laid-back jam vibes (Good job Max Cassagne!), featuring Alexandre Jumelin, Rodolphe Clavelier, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joris Bretagnolles, Alberto Moya, Inigo Arroyo, Thomas Noyer, Louise Seigneur, St├ęphane Suini, Monkiki, Maximilian, Benedict and many more.

3 thoughts on “Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam: Coast Cycles

  1. This was great. I so enjoy watching jams. So much variety in styles gets highlighted in the clips, which epitomizes freestyle. Thanks for posting.

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