Jeanne Seigneur wins Women’s Class: 2023 UEC European Championships

Congratulations to Jeanne Seigneur winner of the Women’s Class here at UEC European Championships out here at the Ruhr Ganes in Duisburg, Jeanne was followed on the podium by her sister, Louise Seigneur and Julia Preuss in third on the podium. Great contest, top two having amazing runs in particular!

Full results:

1. Jeanne Seigneur.

2. Louise Seigneur.

3. Julia Preuss.

4. Panni Thuranszky.

5. Veronika Kadar.

6. Shanice Silva Cruz.

7. Martyna Kubiak.

8. Joanna Pierzynska.

Carin Hommura wins Womens Class: Chimera A-Side 2022

Congratulations to Carin Hommura winner of the Womens Class at the Chimera A-side contest here in Omiya, Japan! Carin was followed on the podium by Leticia Moda from Brazil and Yui Kiyomune in third.

Great contest and level from all the girls, two runs best run counted!

Irina Sadovnik is crowned Women’s European Champion 2021

I’m a little late posting on the site, nevertheless congratulations to Austria’s Irina Sadovnik who was crowned the 2021 Women’s Flatland European Champion at the Ruhr Games contest last week in Bochum, Germany. Irina was followed on the podium by Louise Seigneur from France, and Julia Preuss out of Germany. Congratulations to all the girls, onto Montpeller for the World Championships!

Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam: Coast Cycles

Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam – Coast Cycles from Maxime Cassagne on Vimeo.

It’s good day for content today, the Toulouse jam went down two weeks ago. This edit is slammed with great riding and styles and laid-back jam vibes (Good job Max Cassagne!), featuring Alexandre Jumelin, Rodolphe Clavelier, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joris Bretagnolles, Alberto Moya, Inigo Arroyo, Thomas Noyer, Louise Seigneur, Stéphane Suini, Monkiki, Maximilian, Benedict and many more.