Jeep Real Games Final

It’s a good start to 2022! The Jeep Real Games final show just dropped a few days ago, with Yohei Uchino once again at the helm. Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki taking the win for the second year in a row followed by Viki Gomez, and Naoto Tamaru.
The flatland segment starts at 33:30, don’t miss this!!!

4 thoughts on “Jeep Real Games Final

  1. HEEEEAAAVVVY indeed , Big-E ! Thank you for posting this ! The level of these finalist and their lines is too wild , TIMES 7. They’re all RIPPING , love all their lines , difficulty . Really stoked to see NAOTO still in there representing his combos/ style ! Super rad rider and cool dude …..loved having riding sessions and chilling , chatting with him @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2015 , 2017 ! Hiroya , Viki , Enoyang , etc………DAMN …everyone brought out their HAMMER combos as well …RAD post , E !!

    • Thanks a lot Rodney!
      I’m so happy that your words!
      I’m still riding, of course:)
      And totally different mind since when I met you, I don’t stop contest, I just couldn’t(I mean don’t)go contest but still thinking about contest.
      Hope I could see you again and with ride really soon!

      • NAOTO !! I sure do see your mind set has changed ……and for the BETTER with the level , progression of your combos ! Some real HAMMER type stuff you’ve been steadily dropping ! It’s cool if ya can’t get to comps . The important thing is your personal progression ……..and you’ve been killing it at THAT and ALSO progressing the sport itself with these INSANE bike flips landing cross , mixed with rocket turbines , ice creams , etc during your flowing / stylish combos . I really hope to seession with you soon , Naoto , as I love your riding . It’s motivating , and so rad to watch and take in……..your Forget what you heard video section STILL rules to this day . Keep ripping on your bike , bro !! Hope and you SHOULD get that invite to the X-Games in Chiba soon !

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