Jeff Scheer – One Fall Day + Two Spring Days

One Fall Day + Two Spring Days from Jeff Scheer on Vimeo.

Heres the word from Jeff on this edit: especially love the boomerang combo at 00:24.

“One Fall Day + Two Spring Days, about an hour session each day. The six clips from the Fall of 2012 that begin the video were from my 40th Birthday in late October! I didn’t ride much through the winter, so I’m excited to already be working on a few new things early in the season.
Also wanted to create an edit that every clip was brakeless.”

2 thoughts on “Jeff Scheer – One Fall Day + Two Spring Days

  1. Thanks Reggie! I really like your riding on your YouTube ch. Keep it up!

    Glad you enjoyed the booms Effraim, thanks for the post!

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