Matthias Dandois 2015 – Vans BMX

Phew so many good edits right now! Matthias Dandois just dropped his 2015 Vans edit, he took some challenges and travelled to the streets in Toulouse France, Roses in Spain and Cape Town, South Africa and used their spots to expand on his flat street style! This is awesome!

8 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois 2015 – Vans BMX

  1. I do personally prefer matthias concentrating on his Flatlands, but you gotta hand it to the fella, that is some serious crossover shiz.

  2. i’m a big fan of Matthias riding, i still love his street flat thing as well, but there might be too much of that flat street and 360’s…the edit does not make him justice, i think he is a much much better overall rider than what the edit is showing. This guy can do anything and everything, but all i remember from the edit are him doing 360 ‘s allover the place.

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