Mayko Lee’s Birthday Jam edit!

Nice edit from the weekend featuring the likes of yours truly, James White, Josh Briars, Jon Birts, James Smith, Mayko Lee, Jamie Young, Trevor Lacey, Matthew Dyer and more. Good vibes at the Bristol Bap jam! Check it!

32 thoughts on “Mayko Lee’s Birthday Jam edit!

  1. Amazing colour grading…. cause i do not believe the sun was shining… just kidding. Nice to see the British Flatland family coming together!

    and for our uncle Big E, get rid of your grey spirit! you got some damn good ridicules bike control!! You deserve more coverage! i rely admire your effort you put in to flatmatters worldwide, but you should not forget about that you matters aswell! I think you got a lot to offer still, when it comes to riding, im saying this out of respect! There are many good riders out there! like Martti and viki and the rest, But you are one of the real ones;) too You go boy!

    Looks like a good’old’jam!

  2. Was a great day – even if rain did stop play for an hour or so. good chilled out vibe, meet some new faces and caught up with some old. look forward to the next one.

    • @Navid – Thank you very much for your kind comment that means a lot! I’ll start work on new edit soon, its been a bad year with injuries as some of you know. Indeed this Bristol jam edit was 2nd day back riding after 2 weeks off.
      Great to see you at the jam Matthew! Keep shredding!!!

    • @ Fred and Cunners – Funny you say that fred, that lady did make a few comments hahaha. Cheers Cunners, i’m think i’m done with injuries, had enough this year, be good to have a period of time back in the saddle!

    • Not deleted, flags up as spam howard, read the website rules, one name! you picked Howard, how many times??? not deleted derek, fareham dave, god knows what else. have a bit of respect for the work im putting in on the site….

  3. i can change names everybody else does whats this double standards,favouritism ? there’s enough clones on here that used my name in the past you know them but did nothing and kept them up so that spam remains on here but shouldn’t because they are your buddies , effin cowards

    • Howard,

      You’ve cloned so many people that was bound to happen. You appear to like causing controversy. The one only person you could say I am “favouritism” ing is you, according to the rules you should be banned, case you clearly have no respect for the website rules. Any changes of names from the same ISP flag up on the site, so they are deleted. Couldn’t be fairer actually. Everybody else stopped once I issued warning, you continue to push it.

      we are going round in circles here, i’ve had this same chat with you about ten times.

      way to ruin a nice bristol jam edit thread…

  4. i’ve cloned haha thats a joke i went under Bergarac i can change can i not ? who has said things about me on here loads of people and used my name thats was clearly kept up here as its ” one rule for one one rule for another ” favourtising myself hahaha what are you on how can i do that others get favouritised by you in general your buddies so don’t give me that ,11 times we had this chat not 10 and opinions on here don’t matter as theres always controversy so you shut up and i made you that Donald D cd thats the thanks i get different rules for different fools t’raatid Aooost.

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  6. no everybody else didn’t stop when you issued warning i recall as other fake names including a stupid take on mine were kept on here ” FAVOURITISM ” , you talk about controversy its called an opinion or open democracy in case you hadn’t noticed our country is run by people who act in the same way namely politicians , as of controversy well theres plenty of others i can name on here that do exactly that not naming names but you keep your eyes open , single me out fine buts that discrimination and victimisation thats unfair , clearly i respect others who respect me online or in person .

  7. Howard needs to be BANNED from Flatmatters. That simple. There isn’t a single person that wouldn’t enjoy tossing him into a dumpster. I would be first in line to do it and would be smiling the whole time.

  8. Does howard even ride?

    He wants to meet Effraim for a picnic . LOL. a picnic instead of a flatland session. WOW.

    Why weren’t you at this jam howard? Couldn’t you afford the bus or train fare. ?
    You spend all day on this site any how.

  9. “clearly i respect others who respect me online or in person”. – Howard Avery

    That couldn’t be anymore bullshit! You’re a keyboard warrior at best old man. You are a CANCER to the flatland community!

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