Must Watch! Texas Toast Highlights by Jim McKay

Don’t miss this one. Jim captures the Texas Toast vibe in a concise 5 minute edit, with just about every rider I can think of featured. Go watch it now!

12 thoughts on “Must Watch! Texas Toast Highlights by Jim McKay

  1. Not sure how you did it Jim, but you packed probably 20 hours of footage into 5 minutes. Well done! If you ever release a full length cut of the weekend (DVD?) sign me up for pre-order.

  2. I think it was around 14 hours of footage that went into it, and there were riders that were unfortunately left out. I’m considering* doing a DVD with extended cuts from all the contests I filmed this year, but it’s just an idea. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I’ll be honest, the ONLY thing these days that I watch on DVD are flatland videos. I like the fact that the ones I watch simply are not available through a computer or mobile device. You had to wait for them. The flatland DVD will always have a place in my life weather or not it’s popular. I don’t know the finer points of making one, but I do want to eventually put one out. Thanks for saying that Brian; oddly enough this was the first video I shot with a flycam, and it’s really poorly done on my part (IMHO) due to some technical issues I had with it. I’ve since worked it out and really look forward to the next use!

  4. Scott, i don’t really buy DVD s anymore either, just rolling with the comments and wanted to show my support. If it’s a download that has a small fee I’m down.

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