Old School Sundays – 1989 PA AFA: 4H-Club Somerset County NJ.

At over two and half hours long I realise this isn’t for everyone, but for all you old school heads out there that I ask me if I have any fresh unseen AFA footage.I have never seen this one before, so this for you! The 1989 PA AFA regional contest at 4H-Club Somerset County in New Jersey. Featuring the Alder brothers, Craig Lepage and many more.

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 1989 PA AFA: 4H-Club Somerset County NJ.

  1. Hello effraim, thanks for the time you spent to migrate some old vhs that’s great to view these footage ..i love the ride in 90 ..

  2. No problem Christophe, glad somebody enjoyed it! Jeff R take stye credit for this one, sending it in, I still haven’t had chance to go through this one totally. During a quiet moment I will catch up, appreciate the comment!

  3. Love this stuff. So yes thanks for doing the conversation. I chuckled when he explained that part of the scoring process took into account the rider’s appearance.

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