One Love Jam 2015 by Tim Knoll

The One Love Jam edits keep flowing, and why not?! So much great riding went down at Newport Beach. Tim Knoll put together this great edit featuring Tim Knoll, Joe Cicman, Gabe Weed, Pete Brandt, Sean Fontenot, Alex Jumelin, Lalo Jiminez, Todd Carter, Robert Castillo, Bobby Carter, Pedro Melo, Martin Aparijo, Little Dylan, Pat Fisher, Masashi Itani, Ahmed Johnson,and Jesse Puente!

5 thoughts on “One Love Jam 2015 by Tim Knoll

  1. So stoked with all the edits from onelovejam2015! If you never been to this event book a ticket now. OneLoveJam is held every MLK weekend! Don’t forget a beach chair!

  2. Please more Pedro Melo footage! Anyone got something more clips of this guy? I´m very surprised that he is riding with grips on the handlebars, ha ha.

  3. To me the best part was probably one that most people missed…..pedro’s x-hand switch on his brakeless pegless pinky squeaks. WTF!?!?

    Out of this world TECH! Combo starts around 2:20 on the vid.

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