6 thoughts on “Robert Zuchold – Last Flatmoves?

  1. WOW !!! The WAY he transitioned to that forward ice cream , bar flipping AND bike flipping , landing foot jam to pushing it, to roll FOWARD………..he didn’t even have to kick his tire for the ice cream BACKWARDS , like a mega spin to turbine , get momentum to shoot it forward !! VERY impressive subtle DETAIL …….right there , as well as his front wheel undertaker as BIG E stated , HOPE he DOESNT quit FLATLAND , would LOVE to see ALOT more of his riding for sure !!

  2. OOOOOOOOH F-K !!! My MISTAKE , he DIDNT ………foot jam that ICE CREAM………….he ACTUALLY landed on BOTH pegs , using ONLY skill / momentum to PUSH that ice cream FOWARD !!! His technical style is SO fast / precise !!! BONKERS ……….THAT makes this combo………even HARDER !!!

  3. Thank’s for these kind words Dude’s & a special F…ing Lit BIG OH thank you @ Rodney Williams . You know whats going on 🙂 !!!

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