Sietse van Berkel: BMX Hometrainer

You can always count on the flatland community to make the best of a really tough time, and Sietse van Berkel came up with this awesome BMX home trainer to keep up with your skills during the lockdown if you don’t have a riding area to self isolate in…. I will be catching up with Seitse shortly to find out more….

3 thoughts on “Sietse van Berkel: BMX Hometrainer

  1. Would make more sense if it was on one of those wobble board things with like a half-ball under it. That could be like level 2 to give the side to side balance.

  2. I get it though for some things. Like you could work out part of doing backwards whiplashes without destroying yourself. Certain tricks you have to be prepared to crash really hard. If something like this can prevent that even just a little then it’s worth it.

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