Battle in the Rockies 2018 Full Results

Yesterday was a full day judging qualifying, and final battles out here at the Battle in the Rockies which was the final stop of the AFA series for 2018. What a contest, with a great level of riding in all classes, in a nice touch to finish the event. James McGraw had Bill Neumann present the trophies. Congratulations to all the winners, Trystan McIntyre, Gary Knecht, Tony Schneidewind and Mates Tucek. Big thanks to Todd Carter for the results and photos.

Novice Class
1. Trystan McIntyre
2. Ava McGraw
3. Coda McGraw

Old’s Cool Class
1. Gary Knecht
2. Bertrand Williams
3. Robert Reilly
4. Kendra Nalls
5. Lance Lyons
6. Dan Hull
7. Kenny Cornette

Expert Class
1. Tony Schneidewind
2. Jason Rideout
3. Michael Shao
4. Trevor Waitring
5. Ed Jodie
6. Ron Monis
7. Sean Porter
8. Naht Fulcher

Pro Class
1. Mates Tucek
2. Art Thomason
3. Will Redd
4. Austin Luberda
5. James McGraw
6. Bill Nitschke
7. Nikola Olic
8. Bobby Burge
9. Dax Wolford
10. Dave Nourie
11. Bryan Huffman
12. Omari Cato
13. Michael Shao
14. Todd Carter
15. Koit McIntyre