Bobby Carter Flatland Immersion Podcast 2

Dusty Tweedhope is back with episode 2 of his conversation with Bobby Carter. This episode goes a little more deep.

-Discovering riders in countries around the world.

-Creating amazing life experiences through BMX with Aloha Jam.

-Using your skills beyond just your tricks to help the BMX ecosystem…In my case filmmaking.

-How BMX teaches us to achieve goals and create an awesome life for ourselves.

-The unique aspects of the Hawaii BMX scene.

-How flatland can be therapeutic.

-Olympics and what it means to the scene.

-Everyone can make BMX what they want it to be.

-Developing flatland scenes in African countries with AFRICA BMX FLATLAND EXPO.

Bobby is one of the raddest guys in our culture, don’t sleep on this one. Plenty to take in and get inspired by from this podcast.